Yellow Cheeses

  • No taste is reminiscent of Childhood Times like a Smooth Vegan Cheese Spread, and when that Vegan Cheese Spread is made of nothing but Healthy Ingredients, then it’s surely a win-win situation.
    ~200grs / 12.000LBP

  • Nothing tastes romance like some Ada’s Vegan Brie and bread with wine on the side…
    ~180grs / 12.000LBP

  • Indulge yourself in the Smooth and Melting taste of Ada’s Soft Cheese combined with the Unique and Earthy flavor of Walnut.
    ~160grs / 12.000LBP

  • The Garlic’s strong taste and the Herbs’ aroma marry well with Ada’s Vegan Soft Cheese to give you a glimpse of the French Experience.
    ~160grs / 12.000LBP

  • The Black Olives’ Buttery Warm taste mixed with the Smooth and Melting taste of Ada’s Soft Cheese will surely give you an unusually euphoric sense of satisfaction.
    ~160grs / 12.000LBP

  • The mixture of the Smooth and Melting taste of Ada’s Soft Vegan Cheese combined with the Spicy Heat of the Black Pepper gives your tastebuds the hot experience they were yearning for.
    ~160grs / 12.000LBP

  • Ada’s Vegan Fondue Cheese, is great for a gathering over a Vegan Fondue pot, but also for anything else that requires a meltable Vegan cheese, be it a Toasted Sandwich, Pasta, Pizza or even a plate of Nachos…
    ~220grs / 15.000LBP